My work is in many ways is a reflection of my background as a graffiti artist and fine art painter. During my time at Art School I became increasingly interested in Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. During this period I was learning about Art history, working on canvas, as well as painting on the streets. This experience has shaped my work to the present day. My work is a hybrid style born of these combining factors, offering the viewer a vision into a world that is out of the ordinary, with a sense of escape into an inventive cosmic nebulous of upbeat excitement, like a worm hole into another world.

In part, the roots to my approach can be found in my graffiti past where I painted bright, colourful, optimistic paintings in disused spaces. In this setting my aim was to shine and reach out among the debris with the intention of making something magical appear out of nothing.

At a glance much of my work has some of the hallmarks of bright, bold, eye catching Pop Art, but without a 'Coca Cola' reference in sight. It is the mood, colour and shimmer of Pop Art that interests me most, not the referencing of objects and real things.

Increasingly I imagine my paintings as inventive visual depictions, either to be thought of on a minute, subatomic level, or as huge cosmic events, such as a super nova and the inevitable creation of stars and planets. Destruction, change, cause and effect. I believe the possibilities when viewing my work can be interpreted in many ways, space can be viewed as inner and outer simultaneously. Glitter and doom share the same space.

My paintings are often packed full of elements- liquids, gases, fire and solid multi coloured spheres jostle for position and bombared the eye. The paintings (for me) are an imaginative glimpse into another world, from the super big to life inside an atom.

The point is, it's up to you. What you see, is what you see. But for me a painting is an active site of pure potential for both painter and viewer alike, where anything is possible.